Not too much happening…

Just a quick post so say that not too much is happening at this end.

I’ve not made too much progress on “My Mkii Army” although I do have 5 Winter Guard based and ready to be sprayed!

Not too impressive.

The reasons behind this are two fold. The first was Death Race which is a re-make of the original Death Race 2000.

I love the original film and as with a lot of these modern “interpretations” of cult classics I approached with trepidation.

I was however pleasantly surprised. The new film is a lot darker and grittier with lots of good references to the original. However the plot line was very different and this film was definatley “inspired by” the original.

Overall the film was enjoyable, more for the gruesome scenes than the acting skills of those involved.

My other distraction was the weekly meeting at the gaming club. I had a great night teaching kids to play Warhammer 40,000. Not wanting to get into a rant but I really don’t like the games that GW produce and have made a personal choice not to play them.

However the majority of the players at our club play 40k as their first, or only choice, and the majority of these players are young, pre-teen.

When I started out (at the age of 11) I never played by the rules, properly anyway, mostly because I didn’t understand them all. I remember one game against one of my friends in which Commisar Yarrick waded through pretty much all of his army in one turn…

Those were the days!

For the future of our club I have taken it upon myself to get our junior members playing properly, then in a year or so when they are competant gamers I can switch them to a propper game!

Well my “quick post” has turned into something a little longer.

Thanks for reading.


ps. My eye is out for the postman who should be on his way with another distraction shortly!

  1. I tried my hand at Warhammer, but the sheer amount of mini’s required to play at the standard point levels, compounded with the “forced painting” for tournaments turned me off. It did not help that the 2 armies I liked were the Skaven and Greenskins, which are of course the Horde style armies.

    I am really digging Hordes (Go Trolls!). I am also digging your blog. You should consider joining the Iron Agenda Blogging Network –

    Huge community of Warmahordes bloggers, including myself! JOIN US.

    Also, you should totally use Butcher, since Sorscha is a sissy >.>

    • alexsmith175
    • November 5th, 2009

    Yeah I used to play a lot of WHFB. I have several armies – Empire, Brettonians and High Elves to name a few.

    About 12 months ago though I made the concious decision that I didn’t want to play either of GW’s core games any more. They just aren’t as fun or rewarding as H’s/WM.

    I do need to get signed up to Iron Agenda, I just need to send them an e-mail. I’ll try and get it done tonight.

    The Butcher is ACE! I love him but I wanted to do a bit of a themed force and you can’t get more Winter Guard than eSorscha.

    Tell you what once I’ve finished this army I’ll go for some Butcher/Doomreaver craziness! Thats a promise.

    • sath
    • November 6th, 2009

    I wouldn’t mind more WM/H players in the club, considering Darren is trying to wash his hands of Cygnar. Unless he’s been seduced by the Retribution’s shiny warjack ipods (ipodyons?)

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