Salute Swag Review part 1 – TT Combat Vallejo paint rack

Well it’s been a while since I posted here, but let’s not dwell…

On to the content!

Last weekend I attended Salute at Excel in sunny London town. I travelled down with a few chaps from our local gaming club. Much swag was amassed and everyone had a jolly good time. While there I picked up a number of interesting bits and pieces and thought what better to do than write some reviews.

 As you’ll be able to figure out from my somewhat “sporadic” blogging history I’m not the most reliable, so no promises will be made beyond this post, but hopefully I’ll be able to get some more regular content on the go.

The first thing I will be looking at is a paint rack I picked up from the lovely folks at TT Combat. This one, as it says on the front, is designed to hold 100 Vallejo (dropper pot) style paints.


This rack is made from laser cut HDF and comes with some handy instructions. Although not the most comprehensive I’ve ever seen, it’s no Billy bookcase and construction looks like it should be simple enough.As with a lot of laser cut products a little cutting will be necessary to separate the pieces.

One thing I would note before proceeding, is in relation to the central strut. The orientation is important, if the rack is built with the strut upside down it won’t go together properly. While it is shown on the diagram I felt it wasn’t the clearest it could be. Make sure the thick end is at the top and the skinny end is at the bottom.

With that sorted all you need to insert the arms onto the central strut, I’ve taped them in place as I’m doing a dry run before gluing. Then insert the ends into the side struts and hook together. The trickiest bit was getting the arms lined up correctly to go into the side struts.

Once deconstructed and rebuilt, with glue this time, the rack is very sturdy. It does seem a little light and potentially prone to being knocked over but I’ve not fully loaded it with paint yet so that may change.

A nice touch is the way the bottles go into the rack, resting on their neck at a slight angle, which prevents them from coming loose but also makes it very easy to remove the pots with little fuss.

While I have not got chance to extensively use the rack yet, overall it looks like a great product. I paid £10 which was reduced by 25% from it’s original price, for Salute, which should work out at about £13.50 retail. From a cursory glance however, it doesn’t look like TT Combat have the rack on their web store yet. Hopefully it appears there soon as it is cracking value and I’m tempted to pick up some more.

Now that’s done hopefully more content will be incoming. I picked up some terrain pieces from TT Combat and some bits from Bendy Boards to name but a couple of my purchases, so watch this space, not for too long though…

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