Where’d he go?

Hey there

Its been a few days since I last posted but it’s been a busy old weekend.

I’ve had a total of 3 games since I’ve been gone and I even managed to keep track of one long enough to get a battle report together. As it happens it was my only win of the weekend, so go figure…

I need to write-up the battle report but that should be done over the next few days.

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The Treeline

Colm Green wiped another drop of the incessant rain from the tip of his nose and shifted his heavy shoulder plates trying to get more comfortable. “No use” he muttered to himself as he looked over to Riggers who appeared to be unfazed by the down pour.

“You keep messin’ round like that and you’ll end up with a Widow Maker’s bullet between the eyes.”

The two trenchers sat in the rain watching the darkness that was the southern tip of the Thornwood. They were dug in no more than a hundred paces from the tree line, keeping watch over the hastily erected Cygnarian encampment behind them. The ground between their position and the treeline was littered with rocky out crops and felled trees, making sentry duty particularly difficult.

Colm was certain that something was out there, a flicker movement out of the corner of his eye or the sound of rustling trees, he was on edge and he knew it was getting to Riggers.

“Hey, Green, you wanna’ smoke” Colm looked at the soggy packet of cigarettes being offered by his grizzled comrade.

Shaking his head Colm denied the offer “They’ll kill you, you know that don’t you?”

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I lie!

You may remember, in my post A Challenge I claimed that “None of [my army] is painted.

Well that was a lie and I apologise.

One of the models in that army was about 75% finished, my head is hung in shame.

On a lighter note, I managed to get in some painting in last night and the said un-finished mini is now done!

I’m not going to tell you what it was as I’m writing a story to go along with his public un-veiling but I should have that done fairly soon so pic’s are imminent!

Please have patience…

Not too much happening…

Just a quick post so say that not too much is happening at this end.

I’ve not made too much progress on “My Mkii Army” although I do have 5 Winter Guard based and ready to be sprayed!

Not too impressive.

The reasons behind this are two fold. The first was Death Race which is a re-make of the original Death Race 2000.

I love the original film and as with a lot of these modern “interpretations” of cult classics I approached with trepidation.

I was however pleasantly surprised. The new film is a lot darker and grittier with lots of good references to the original. However the plot line was very different and this film was definatley “inspired by” the original.

Overall the film was enjoyable, more for the gruesome scenes than the acting skills of those involved.

My other distraction was the weekly meeting at the gaming club. I had a great night teaching kids to play Warhammer 40,000. Not wanting to get into a rant but I really don’t like the games that GW produce and have made a personal choice not to play them.

However the majority of the players at our club play 40k as their first, or only choice, and the majority of these players are young, pre-teen.

When I started out (at the age of 11) I never played by the rules, properly anyway, mostly because I didn’t understand them all. I remember one game against one of my friends in which Commisar Yarrick waded through pretty much all of his army in one turn…

Those were the days!

For the future of our club I have taken it upon myself to get our junior members playing properly, then in a year or so when they are competant gamers I can switch them to a propper game!

Well my “quick post” has turned into something a little longer.

Thanks for reading.


ps. My eye is out for the postman who should be on his way with another distraction shortly!

A Challenge

So, as you can probably tell, this whole blogging thing is fairly new to me.

After telling one of my buddies about the blog he suggested that I “need to set targets” and “review how I did.”

So here I am about to set a target for myself.

Over the next few months I want to make some serious in roads into the ammount of my Khador stuff that is un-painted.

I would love to make the pledge to paint something every day. However I have a wife and two kids at home so that isn’t going to be a possibility. I think that four out of seven nights is achievable though.

I’m going to start with a slight modification on the army list from my previous post which will be henceforth known as, wait for it, My Mkii Army!

Catchy eh!

Any who the army is as follows.

Forward Kommander Sorscha
War Dog

10 Winter Guard Infatry
Winter Guard Officer & Standard
3 Winter Guard Rockateers
Winter Guard Field Gun Crew
4 Battle Mechaniks
Kovnik Jozef Grigorovich

None of the above is painted and very little of it is assembled. On the desk at the moment are the Winter Guard. Jozef is based and the rest need basing then they will be sprayed.

Watch this space and there should be some progress soon.

Thanks for reading.

Mkii and me.

So a little over a month ago Privateer Press posted up the “pre proof read” rules and cards for Warmachine Mkii. If you haven’t downloaded them yet, which I’m sure you have, follow this link and get them!

I would just like to start by commending PP on their excellent move in posting the rules up a full three months before their official release. If only some other companies would follow suit i’m sure the world would be a better place. Nudge nugde, hint hint.

Now I have been pouring over the new rules and stat cards for some time and just haven’t managed to get a game in, for just over a month. Last night however my wife was out on the town so I took the oppurtunity to log onto Vassal and try my hand at Mkii.

With the help of the ever gracious Mutton, Vassal users will know him well, I got my first games of Mkii. We played a two games one with battle boxes and one at 35 points. The results of the games are in-significant, not because I lost them both, honest. Key points in the larger game however were both Beast-09 & a Spriggan being wrecked in one turn and eSorscha wiffing an assination run on Reznik.

Any how I’m looking to play a few more games with the eSorscha list that I put together and once i’m a bit more familiar with how it works I might post up a few battle reports.

If anybody is interested the list is as follows.

Forward Kommander Sorscha
Beast 09
War Dog

4 Battle Mechaniks
Winter Guard Field Gun
10 Winter Guard Infantry
Winter Guard Officer & Standard
3 Winter Guard Rockateers

As you can see this is a fairly themed list, no prizes for getting the theme!

It did ok but I was let down by my lack of knowledge of a lot of this stuff. Lets see how it does as I learn the list a bit more.

Thanks to any and all who are reading and I’ll try and get some more posts up soon.

New ‘jacks

Privateer Press have just posted photos of the three “new” prime jacks.

First up we have the, old faithful, Juggernaut

If you fancy something with a bit of range why not take a look at the all new Destroyer

If you just like launching you’re opponent out of combat, in a slightly comedy fashion, there is always the Marauder

Awesome, I know!