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Help me paint more!

As you may or may not know I am one of the regular hosts of  Elite Cadre, the Hordes & Warmachine podcast that doesn’t take itself too seiously! (TM). We record every other Monday night and I normally use this as an opportunity to get a good 2 or 3 hours of painting done. Earlier this week however, when we recorded, I was somewhat lacking for motivation. I must have picked up a good three or four miniatures, all part painted,  but I was completely void of any desire to put some paint down.

I’m not sure if this is because they are part painted and as such are less inspiring than the blank canvas aspect of an untouched mini. Alternatively it could be because I haven’t painted for a while, about two weeks! I would say “I can’t figure out why this is” or make excuses like “I’ve been really busy lately and am a bit tired” both of these would be valid things to say but aren’t wholly true. While yes I have been busy I have been choosing to unwind by sitting in front of the TV, quite often falling asleep on the sofa waking up at 3:00 am then getting in bed and waking up at 7:00 am for work, which I can attest is not a good sleep pattern! Skype is a great asset when painting, being able to chat to like minded people is an awesome way to spur you on to do more. But seemingly this isn’t always enough of a motivator to get me off my ass and in front of my desk.

Another thing that I looked at was the monthly challenge that Lost Hemisphere runs, affectionately called Paint the Target, this month the challenge is to paint a model with an elemental attack, with added bonus points for painting a model with a cold attack, magic spell, damage type or immunity. As you may have seen from my last post I have a Celestial Fulcrum built and ready to be painted. Not only does this model have an elemental attack (3 in fact; Fire, Cold & Electrical) it also has an immunity to all three of those attack types! There may be a plan formulating…

My question is this though, how do you get your painting motivation? Additionally what can you recommend to drag me out of my current “funk”?

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Hello out there…

Well hello!

It has again been too long since my last post. Hopefully though it won’t stay that way for too long!

There are plans afoot for an ongoing series of posts by one of my club mates who is going through the process of starting a new faction. This should give some insight into choices that have to be made in the process of building a new army from scratch. All the way from which faction to play to what will actually be played in that faction.

I will try and match his content with posts of my own and if things go to plan there should be at least 2 posts a week going forwards.

Thats pretty much it for now but I’ll leave you with some photo’s that chronicle my recent hobby activity…

Missed target…

You may recall that in a previous post I had set myself the aim to have one of my lists fully painted in time for the UK Masters, that hasn’t quite worked out…

With the ETC rearing it’s head (6th to 8th July) in just over 6 weeks time my plan is to try and make some regular posts which will hopefully motivate me to get a move on with my painting.

Here are a few pic’s of what I have done so far.


Shifting Stones

The first in my unit of “Under Water Gatormen”

WIP on a Warpwolf Stalker

With all that I need to now complete

The rest of the Stalker
A Feral Warpwolf
Another Woldwarden
A unit of Druids
The rest of the first Gatorman unit
Another max unit of Gatormen
A Gallows Grove


Road to the UK Masters – Update One

Well I think it’s time for a quick update!

And when I say quick I mean quick.

First things first, gaming. Since I posted last I haven’t had chance to get a full game. I did however manage about half a game on Vassal before my opponent had to leave. It was helpful though, I was using Grayle against a tier 4 pAsphyxios list that had lots of undead troops. While the game was quite evenly balanced I learnt a few key things about my force and it looks to be shaping up quite well. I would have liked to finish the game but it was not to be…

Moving on to the painting side I have managed to finish painting something!

Ladies and gentlemen may I present to you a Woldwarden!


In addition to this I have started to work on a Gallows Grove too, which I should hopefully have finished by the end of the weekend.

Here’s to the next update…

Road to the UK Masters 2012

It has again been too long since I last posted here but in all honesty not a lot has actually been going on, gaming wise, for me.

One big thing however is that the tickets for the UK Hordes & Warmachine Masters, held at the UK Games Expo, went on sale. Similarly to last year tickets went quickly with all 120 gone within around 24 hours of going on sale.

I was one of those lucky enough to get my hands on a ticket which has led me to start thinking about preparations. Last year, when I was playing with my Khador, I went into the event having played two of my lists once each and the other not at all. Accordingly I performed horribly, losing 3 of the first four games and dropping out after the first game on the second day.

This year things will be different! Or at least I hope they will. I worked out that their is just over 7 weeks until the event. That means that if I lock down three lists now and play three games a week, an ambitious target, I will get a total of 21 games in before the Masters. While this may not result in me winning the event I’d really like to do well. A target I hope to achieve is four wins from the seven games and hopefully a win with each of the lists I take.

Will 21 games be enough?

Only time will tell…

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