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Back in black

Hi there

Another Tuesday, another night at the club, only this time I managed a game.

Their weren’t too many of us down this week but one of the regulars, Andy, had brought some of his Cygnar with him.

He had…

2 Chargers (well one was actually a Lancer but we proxied it so we could have a 15 pt game)
6 Gun Mages

I took…

10 Winter Guard
Winter Guard Officer and Standard
3 Rockateers
Kovnik Jozef

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New ‘jacks

Privateer Press have just posted photos of the three “new” prime jacks.

First up we have the, old faithful, Juggernaut

If you fancy something with a bit of range why not take a look at the all new Destroyer

If you just like launching you’re opponent out of combat, in a slightly comedy fashion, there is always the Marauder

Awesome, I know!