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Help me paint more!

As you may or may not know I am one of the regular hosts of  Elite Cadre, the Hordes & Warmachine podcast that doesn’t take itself too seiously! (TM). We record every other Monday night and I normally use this as an opportunity to get a good 2 or 3 hours of painting done. Earlier this week however, when we recorded, I was somewhat lacking for motivation. I must have picked up a good three or four miniatures, all part painted,  but I was completely void of any desire to put some paint down.

I’m not sure if this is because they are part painted and as such are less inspiring than the blank canvas aspect of an untouched mini. Alternatively it could be because I haven’t painted for a while, about two weeks! I would say “I can’t figure out why this is” or make excuses like “I’ve been really busy lately and am a bit tired” both of these would be valid things to say but aren’t wholly true. While yes I have been busy I have been choosing to unwind by sitting in front of the TV, quite often falling asleep on the sofa waking up at 3:00 am then getting in bed and waking up at 7:00 am for work, which I can attest is not a good sleep pattern! Skype is a great asset when painting, being able to chat to like minded people is an awesome way to spur you on to do more. But seemingly this isn’t always enough of a motivator to get me off my ass and in front of my desk.

Another thing that I looked at was the monthly challenge that Lost Hemisphere runs, affectionately called Paint the Target, this month the challenge is to paint a model with an elemental attack, with added bonus points for painting a model with a cold attack, magic spell, damage type or immunity. As you may have seen from my last post I have a Celestial Fulcrum built and ready to be painted. Not only does this model have an elemental attack (3 in fact; Fire, Cold & Electrical) it also has an immunity to all three of those attack types! There may be a plan formulating…

My question is this though, how do you get your painting motivation? Additionally what can you recommend to drag me out of my current “funk”?

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Khador Red Painting Challenge, Prelude Pt 3.

So here is final  round of introductions.

You may remember, back on the first prelude that their were eight participants to the challenge.

A late comer has shown himself and has joined the fold to make the challenge a tale of 9 painters. Who is this mystery bandwagon jumper, I hear you call well he is none other than…


Chris “gdaybloke” Miller is a transplanted Australian living in the Great White North, where he is learning that you can’t hunt moose with a boomerang. To console himself as he yearns for meat pies, pavlova and polly waffles, he sinks pretty much all of his free time into maintaining a daily posting schedule at Lost Hemisphere.

While he started with Seaforge, the Creator Of Man claimed him and he now owns well over 300pts of Menites. Fickle as he is, he took up the Trollblood cause for the Breast Cancer Brawl, and adopted the Ta-Ta Kriel.

Now, he stands vigil by Scyrah’s side, and is working to lead Adeptis Rahn to, well, hopefully at least one or two victories at Templecon. For now, the Iosans have his attention, but after Templecon, the siren call of Menoth beckons, and the Harbinger awaits…

The next volunteer is…
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