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2014! The Blogging Continues

Here I am, with my first blog post of 2014!

In my last post I gave some details about Smogcon. Part of this will be the Bushido Grand Master Tournament taking place on the Sunday. I entered this tournament as one of my first choices for the weekend.

At the point that event registration went live however there was one small issue. At that time I had only played a couple of demo games. To rectify this I turned to my good friend, sometime “New Game Guinea Pig” and all around trusty side-kick – Steve!

Looking at the models that I already own the two factions that would give us the most options were The Prefecture of Ryu and The Cult of Yurei. As I intend to play the Prefecture that left Steve with the Cult. So far we have managed to play two games and are slowly getting to grips with the rules. We have also signed up for a local tournament towards the end of January. Although I have plenty of experience playing in tournaments, through Warmachine and Hordes, my aspirations for this are limited and I only hope not to get completely anihalated in every game…

Hobby wise not too much has happened since I last posted but there has been a little action to report. First up is progress on Hanso. I posted a picture of the base I had painted for Hanso many moons ago. Since that time I have painted a little here and a little there and he was coming to a point where he was nearly done. At this point i decided it would be a good idea to give painting his eyes a shot. The results were not good! in the end the eye sockets became a claggy mess of white and black paint. I tried to scrape it out but it was to no avail. Accordingly I resigned myself to the fact that he would be taking a trip to a jam jar full of thinners. This is where I stumbled upon an idea!

When stripping paint I use Cellulose thinners. This stuff is NASTY! It strips paint so quickly and depending how a model is primed, paint litterally falls off without the need of the scrubbing associated with other cleaners. So the plan was to take a small amount of thinners on a cotton bud and remove the paint from the face. As luck would have it it worked! So I now have a model who for the majority is painted but has a silver face…

Other than this I have been  building, mainly, Cult models for Steve to use.

I hope to get a bit of painting done on a couple of models over next couple of weeks though. So fingers crossed I may get some pictures up in the post… Maybe.

Thanks for reading folks.


A start on the Bushido models

Hello again.

After picking up all four Bushido starters at the UK Games Expo I am determined to get them painted. Now painting isn’t something I really manage to do very often, with having a full time job, wife and three kids. However I love the Bushido models and I really want to get some nice looking forces together.

Hopefully through the blog I should be able to keep myself motivated to post pictures of my progress painting the mini’s and hopefully making some terrain too.

The going has been a little slow so far but I have made a start on the Prefecture of Ryu starter. So far I have cleaned built and made bases for three of the models, Hiro, Hanso and Jin. Today I managed to prime and ink these three and paint Hanso’s base (more of a test than anything else) I won’t bore you with a picture of some grey miniatures but here is a shot of Hanso’s base,

Hanso, Ashigaru Sargeant

Let me know what you think and whether I should forge ahead with these bases for the rest of the starter set.

Thanks for reading.

Khador Red Painting Challenge, Prelude Pt 3.

So here is final  round of introductions.

You may remember, back on the first prelude that their were eight participants to the challenge.

A late comer has shown himself and has joined the fold to make the challenge a tale of 9 painters. Who is this mystery bandwagon jumper, I hear you call well he is none other than…


Chris “gdaybloke” Miller is a transplanted Australian living in the Great White North, where he is learning that you can’t hunt moose with a boomerang. To console himself as he yearns for meat pies, pavlova and polly waffles, he sinks pretty much all of his free time into maintaining a daily posting schedule at Lost Hemisphere.

While he started with Seaforge, the Creator Of Man claimed him and he now owns well over 300pts of Menites. Fickle as he is, he took up the Trollblood cause for the Breast Cancer Brawl, and adopted the Ta-Ta Kriel.

Now, he stands vigil by Scyrah’s side, and is working to lead Adeptis Rahn to, well, hopefully at least one or two victories at Templecon. For now, the Iosans have his attention, but after Templecon, the siren call of Menoth beckons, and the Harbinger awaits…

The next volunteer is…
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Khador Red Painting Challenge, Prelude Pt 2.

I’m going to keep this short and let the other guys do the talking.

So here are a few more…

I live in Queens New York, and am a neuropsychology grad student / illustrator wannabe.

I got into miniatures about a year and a half ago after Upper Deck announced World of Warcraft miniatures collectible miniatures game. While I was waiting for the release date, I started checking out the scene with StarWars miniatures. I’ve been a competitive WoW minis player for about a year, until out the blue, my friend asked if I wanted to play Warhammer. Anyway, after starting to assemble some models, we got impatient and bought a couple of Warmachine starter boxes, and that’s all she wrote.

We’ve yet to play a game with our 40k models, and have gone whole hog with Warmachine.


Here’s a little about myself…

I live in the UK and first started playing Hordes (and Warmachine) since Primal was released and was initially drawn to The Circle of Orboros. Like a lot of players I’ve played through every faction and have currently cut down to four (Cygnar, Trollbloods, Protectorate and Retribution).

Initially I was going to paint Retribution models for the painting challenge, but had a change of heart and will be painting my (rather bare) Trollblood collection as it’s desperately in need of attention!

I will also be painting the odd cygnar model to expand the 1000 or so points I’ve already painted.I’m really looking forward to the challenge as I’ve been a bit lazy with my painting for the last six months or so, and it’d be great to get into the flow of things again!

Will (Mr Chuffy)


Hm, about me…

I’ve been playing WM since it was released back in 2002, and Hordes since the release as well. In that time I’ve pretty much cycled through all the factions except Menoth…not sure why but I just never got around to trying them out.

For the challenge I’ll be painting Retribution, mainly because I love the models and the back story. Plus, it will hopefully help me expand my painting skills and allow me to branch out into other colors than the blue that I’ve been painting for a loong time. My gaming club has pretty much the same mindset when it comes to playing with painted models, and we rarely show up to events without being fully painted. So this will help me get my faction fully painted, which is never a bad thing.

My only caveat to getting this done is I’ll be PCSing to Japan at the beginning of March so I may have to take a short hiatus.

Looking forward to this!

So there you go…

I’m now just waiting for an e-mail back from Jme of Warpainter. Check your e-mail buddy!

See you all soon!


So, things look to be progressing well…

I have two confirmed entrants to my Painting Challenge.

“MenothJohn” will be painting Circle

“grimsnik” will be painting Cygnar.

I am however looking for more painters so if you fancy the challenge let me know. Remember the challenge is open to anybody, experienced painter or not.

After having a think the target for the challenge will be one of the following every two weeks…

One unit

One heavy warjack/warbeast

Two light warjacks/warbeasts

Two Solos

One warcaster/warlock

I intend to start in the new year and set the due date for the first painted mini’s as 15th January.

Let me know what you think and if you have another idea, I am open to suggestions.

In other news, Christmas is nearly here!

3 more sleeps!

Personally I can’t wait to spend some quality time with the family after a not-too-great year.

Have a good Christmas & New Year guys and thanks for reading.

My challenge to you…

Any body who reads this blog with any regularity will know that motivation, to paint, is one of my main sticking points.

In an effort to boost my chances of actually painting an army I am challenging you, the Warmachine and Hordes community to paint your army!

The premise of the challenge is simple…

Many of you out there will have seen those “Tale of Four Gamers” articles from GW’s monthly publication, well my plan is to make subtle use of that premise.I’m not after a definite number of “Gamers” but I would like to try to get at least two or three people on board.

Before we go into any details I want to make one thing clear. This challenge IS NOT limited to experienced painters. My hope is to encourage more people to get an army finished.  The only pre-requisite is that you are able to stick with it for the full 6 months. Continue reading

Friday 13th, unlucky for some?

Well not me!

Not yet anyway…

I have had a couple of good things happen recently.

The first is in relation to the damaged Grind game I recently picked up. After opening the box i discovered that one of the bags of bits had caused some damage to the game board. I sent Privateer Press an email to which they have replyed saying they are going to send me a whole new box! Excellent service guys and I can’t wait to get hold of the new box and try out a few games.

My second bit of good news came in the form of a mysterious brown envelope, well ok it wasn’t that mysterious, but i was excited to open it anyway.

The source of said envelope was a fellow member of the Coolminiornot forum who, like myself was taking part in the 22nd Miniature Exchange.

The premise is simple. A list of names is drawn up, from people who want to take part, and you send some miniatures to the person below you on the list.

I got a nice little haul including Morghur, Master of Skulls! and an Avatars of War Orc Shaman both of the models are very nice and look like they could be fun to paint. While my priority is still on getting as much of my Khador stuff painted, if I fancy a change I can always have a look at painting something different.

On the subject of painting Khador, after spraying those Winter Guard and the two ‘casters, I have had to go back and cover all the areas the spray didn’t quite get to. Thats done so in the next couple of nights I should be able to make a start. I will probably begin with the metalics as they tend to be messiest. I’ll try and take some progress shots for everyone to see.

Thanks for reading.