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I’m back… again

So, blogging, that’s a thing right?

Well it’s been a long time since I’ve written a post but I think now is as good a time as any to give it another whirl…

First up I aim to keep this post fairly short and sweet. That said it might get a bit rambley (if that’s even a word.) I will apologise now for what may be some low quality writing!

So, what have I been up to since I last posted something? I hear you all ask! I am now a member of the Press Gang, Privateer Press’ official volunteering team. This means that I will become more involved in running some of the events that make UK Hordes and Warmachine the thriving scene that it is. Further to this it may also actually inspire me to start running some more events myself! Who know’s we may even see the return of the Pre-Masters Mash Up…

Towards the start of the year I was able to attend a few events, but that dropped off as the year went on. Since then I have been doing a little bit of painting, more on that later, but all in all I haven’t been up to too much.

Well I guess I should really get on to the meat of this post then.

One of the more noteworthy events I took part in was Smogcon in February. Smogcon is the first American style event to be held this side of the pond. It is a weekend of gaming, both casual and competitive, as well as some painting seminars and the Golden Thrall painting competition. The event started in 2012, being held at Firestorm Games in Cardiff. I didn’t get chance to attend the first time round but after having been once I will make sure that I do all I can to attend each year.

2014 promises to be bigger and better than ever. The location has changed and will now be taking place primarily in the Mandolay Hotel, Guilford. Demand however has exceeded the capacity of the original venue and now part of the con will take place in an adjacent hotel! Originally Smogcon was purely Warmachine and Hordes, this year though it is branching out to contain Malifaux, Bushido & Dropzone Commander as main systems aswell as several other smaller board and card games.

I will be attending again next year and will hopefully get a few models into the Golden Thrall. On the gaming side I have entered into a Warmachine and a Bushido tournament and aim to get in some casual gaming in both systems.

I will hopefully find some time between playing some games, building and painting models to write a post or two with an update on my progress, however I’m not promising anything!

Thanks for taking a look…


A General Update…

So it has again been a while since I last posted an update on, well anything.

To be honest this is a result of not much actually happening in a wargaming sense.

We’ll start first of all with an update to 111 in 2011. In February and March I played a paltry 8 games over the two months, of which 6 were in Febraury! We’ll look at stats first then I’ll explain the reasons for my lack of games.

In 3 of the 8 games I used a Rasheth theme force, two of these games I won and the other was a draw.

I played one game on Vassal and 4 at our weekly club meeting.

I have won 5, drawn 1, and lost 2.

As with January both losses were to ‘caster kills.

“Why so few games?” I hear you ask…

Well February wasn’t so bad, with 6 games played, however I have really struggled to get a game in March. I think there are a few factors contributing to this. First and foremost is the state of the club I attend on a weekly basis. Over the past year or so almost all of our Hordes & Warmachine have moved away, be it through university, work or some other reason. Combine with this that my regular opponent has become dis-enfranchised with his current faction and is in the process of switching to Skorne.

However not all is lost! We have had a couple of other club members show an interest in Hordes & Warmachine and both have started to pick up a few bits. Hopefully they will fall in love with Hordes & Warmachine and we can start getting in some games on a regular basis.

In other news I have fallen hook, line and sinker for the fantastic looking sci-fi miniature game Infinity by the Spanish company Corvus Belli. Beasts of War recently held an “Infinity Week” where they paired up with the guys from Corvus Belli to deliver a week long of cracking content that I think has drawn in a large volume of new interest to the game. I will include below some links that you may find interesting if you like the sound of this cracking game.

I have yet to play a game but have had some stuff for the Pan-Oceania faction for ages. As part of “Infinity Week” Corvus Belli offered 50% off certain army deals and I took advantage of this picking up some Ariadna minis. As such I will soon have two fairly equal pointed forces that I can hopefully run some demos with.



Beasts of War Infinity Week

Anyway that’s it for now. So until next time…

Thanks for reading!

Breaking News – UK Masters 2011

Well as we start the new year preparations are underway for all of our favourite tournaments through out the year.

Arguably the “Premier” event in the UK is the Masters, normally held at the UK Games Expo in Birmingham.

Recently there has been a interesting discussion on The Warhammer Forum re The UK Masters in 2011 – the thread can be found here.

However if you don’t want to trawl through the whole thread here is what we know so far…

The UK masters Event is set for UK Games Expo again this year.

The player limit has increased to 100 players

To fit that many players in, there will be a new location within the venue for hosting the event, so everyone will be in the same room.

It will, most likely, follow the official Privateer Press Masters rules state the following

Format: 50 pt. Army Lists
3 Lists Required Steamroller Variant: Players must bring exactly 3 army lists and must field each army list at least once during the event. Each list requires a different warcaster or warlock.
Standard Steamroller Scenarios
Baseline Steamroller Variants

Pre-registration of army lists will be required a week before the event.

Looks like it should be a good weekend again!

As with last year I will be hosting the Pre-Masters Mash Up, two weeks before the big event.

Foiled again! Almost…

So it was just over a week ago when I put up my last post. In that post I talked about how long it had been since I had played a proper game of Warmachine.

The plan was to play that night, however things don’t always go to plan! Last week I was foiled by our clubs AGM, which wasn’t supposed to last long but in the end took up most of our time at the club. The Thursday after my wife and I fell foul to sickness bug that seems to be doing the rounds. As such the game I had planned with a buddy, who has moved away and was back for the weekend, had to be cancelled. Foiled again!

However, as the more astute of you in the audience will realise, I am now writing this post on a Wednesday. What does this mean I hear you ask… Continue reading

TFaC – Part Three – The Grand Plan!

So after 24 hours of voting the first Skorne Warlock I will be painting is…

Tyrant Xerxis!

My aim is to get him painted within the next week or so. Leaving you plenty of time to decide what I should take with him…

Let me explain!

I want you to come up with a list that I can, hopefully, paint by the end of July.

All I need you to do is write a 35pt list that has at least 2 Warbeasts and no more than 2 full units, however you may include as many minimum units as you want. Finally no duplicates! (so no more than one of each model/unit)

The aim is to try to come up with something that is kind of fluffy. This could mean it’s based on Xerxis himself with lots of Cataphracts or something off the wall, such as everyone having the same type of weapon or such like. Once you have put it together post your list here in a comment on this post.

As long as more than one list has been submitted,  I will pick one, on Friday the 25th June. From then on I have little over a month to get the army built and painted.

Wish me luck…

Time for a change.

Well with the “big” competetive event of the year out of the way I am yearning for a bit of a change.  Since the release of Mkii I have only played with my Khador and now I fancy something different.

Now I could look at another Warmachine faction, after all I do have some Cygnar, Menoth and Retribution. However I fancy something a bit more drastic, as such I am going to start playing Hordes!

As with Warmachine I have bits for a few factions – Trolls, Circle and Skorne. My Decision on what to play is purley driven by what I own most of…


Now I own pretty much everything that has been released for Skorne but none of it is painted, and only a little more is built. So What to paint first? Well that’s up to you…

I will leave the poll open for the rest of the week, until 12 Midnight (BST) on Friday 11th June.

Let me know what you think I should paint!

Dude Where’s My Car… Key

First of all let me apologise as this is somewhat long

However, let me set the scene…

It’s not been a great week things just aren’t going you’re way! Never fear though because the UK Nationals, and a shot at glory are coming up.

It’s Friday evening & I’ve made sure everything is packed, my army is sorted and I get an early night.

Saturday morning comes and it’s an early start. I pick up all my “stuff” (wallet, phone etc.) off the bedside table and, saying goodbye to my half asleep wife, head out the door. My buddy Neal is driving us to the nationals, so the afore mentioned wife has transport for the weekend, as we only have one car.

When we arrive at the event location I give my wife a call to let her know we have arrived safe, at which point she asks me what I’ve done with the only working car key we have. Erm… on the bedside table where I took it out of my trousers the previous night? Nope!

That’s right it’s in my pocket! 100 miles away from where it needs to be! At this point I was gifted with one of those stony silences we’ve all had at some point. She was not happy! Continue reading