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The Treeline

Colm Green wiped another drop of the incessant rain from the tip of his nose and shifted his heavy shoulder plates trying to get more comfortable. “No use” he muttered to himself as he looked over to Riggers who appeared to be unfazed by the down pour.

“You keep messin’ round like that and you’ll end up with a Widow Maker’s bullet between the eyes.”

The two trenchers sat in the rain watching the darkness that was the southern tip of the Thornwood. They were dug in no more than a hundred paces from the tree line, keeping watch over the hastily erected Cygnarian encampment behind them. The ground between their position and the treeline was littered with rocky out crops and felled trees, making sentry duty particularly difficult.

Colm was certain that something was out there, a flicker movement out of the corner of his eye or the sound of rustling trees, he was on edge and he knew it was getting to Riggers.

“Hey, Green, you wanna’ smoke” Colm looked at the soggy packet of cigarettes being offered by his grizzled comrade.

Shaking his head Colm denied the offer “They’ll kill you, you know that don’t you?”

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